Sometimes changes can be good. Whether for your own self or for the sake of other people. I’m not just saying changes in your personality but also your website. A website needs to be updated and have to be on the same trend track. The world is evolving and it should be same for websites, as we as designers have to follow the flow in order for your website to be more appealing and attention worthy. The Malaysia web design industry needs to speed up and be on the right pace as they seemed to be lacking in terms of the latest designed websites.

For your homepage design, does anything triggered you into changing the layout? If your layout is, let’s put it this way, boring, then you have to technically improve it. So, it can really affect everyone’s first impression by judging on your homepage.

When you are probably thinking why your traffic rate has not changed much since the beginning due to the not so impressive number of returning visitors, then you have to step up and a makeover should be on its way.

Having makeover is highly recommended especially when you have received more negative reviews from a lot of viewers. This is mainly because of how you have failed to catch their attention and making them stay on your website. What to do? MAKEOVER!

It is not that hard to improve your web design. The perfect web design is the one that is neat, organized, understandable, easy-flow and user-friendly. Instead of cluttering your navigation tabs why not go for the navigation burger. It’s a tab where you click and a number list will roll down for you to navigate which link you want to visit. Most web designs that use the hamburger features are mostly likely look clean and orderly fashioned. So if your original web design looks old-fashioned with the classic navigation tab.

If you include your product in your website, make sure to always update. Get rid of those old, thrown away unavailable products from the list so you can avoid your customers from misunderstanding. Even when it is temporarily unavailable, you still have to state the condition. Everyone loves a website that makes sure to keep updated with their content rather than just showcasing it.

Another important thing in makeover is to create a mobile version. This is due to how lots of people would normally surf browser from their smartphones. By the existence of your mobile version website, this would ease down your customers to study on your website. Yet, customers might spend more time if you even include catchy and informative content rather than just big pictures everywhere.

All in all, even when you have doubts and curiosity, do mind contact us by questioning us anything. We a company of web design Malaysia is an open arm and warmly welcomed to acquire you with anything. We are a bunch of professional computer whiz that are willingly to help you.