A window shutter is a solid and stable covering of the window. It consists of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails (top, centre and bottom). Within this frame are the louvers that can be mounted within the frame. The term window shutter includes both interior shutters, used on the inside of a house or building, and exterior shutters, used on the outside of a structure. On some styles of buildings, it is common to have shutters to cover the doors as well as the windows.

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5 benefits of having a window shutter

  •    It provides protection.

Interior shutters protect against sun and heat in summer and wind and cold in winter. Exterior shutters eliminate the need to install plywood over windows before a storm. They also protect windows from flying debris and high winds, especially in hurricane-prone areas.

  •    It gives privacy.

Window shutters allow you to easily choose between privacy and visibility. When it is closed, you can still adjust the rod to allow light to enter.

  •    It is easy to customize.

Ready-made shutters come in many sizes. Most of the time, finding the correct size for your windows isn’t a problem. If it is, choose a pair slightly larger than your measurements and trim them with a table, miter, or radial arm saw for quick customization.

  •    Controls light that goes into the room.

Window shutters with louvers can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of sunlight to enter between the slats.

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