ADHD is one of the most common mental disorders that can hit kids and teens. Adults can also get ADHD but it is not as common. If you are not that focused on your kids, you might not realized he is already suffering from the disorder. To think that the wellness of a child suffering from ADHD will also depend on the people around him.

So how will you know if your child has this disorder? What are the signs? Check this out:

He tends to lack empathy. He will only think of himself and waiting is quite struggling for him. But this will not be easy to detect knowing most kids are really self-centered. That said, you really need to spend some time with your child if you think is overly self-focused.

Can’t wait for the others and will tend to interrupt. This will usually happen of the child has adhd. He has no interest listening to others.

They can’t keep their emotions to themselves. Usually, when a child has adhd, he tent to get too angry at times without any warning. There are even times when they get angry for no reason at all.

They can’t focus on leisure activities. They tend to become agitated easily and restless as well.

So if you think your child has adhd, you should find a doctor that can help you deal with him. However, you should know that some prescriptions have side effects like the popular Adderall. If you think this medication is too much for your child, you can just give her some of the most effective Adderall alternatives. They are safer and healthier as well.

It is really tough when one of your kids is not feeling good. But if you know how to treat or help him, he should just be fine.